April 19th, 2014

Wrigley Field, 100th Anniversary meeting

Cliff Dweller's Club (200 S. Michigan, 22nd Floor)

There is a $10 fee, and we need a headcount so please RSVP

Wrigley Field at 100: Past, Present and Future

The Chicago (Emil Rothe) SABR Chapter will celebrate the 100 anniversary of Wrigley Field by hosting a sympsium in the historic Cliff Dwellers Club. The program will be split into four segments that will cover the past, present and future of the ballpark.

-Dan Levitt, author of The Battle that Forged Modern Baseball: The Federal League Challenge and it's Legacy, will delve into the origins of the park in a segrent covering The Federal League and the Chicago Federal League franchise.

-Brian Bernardoni, Wrigley Field Tour Guide and Cubs Historian, will explore the construction and history of the park in a segment entitled Building Wrigley Field and it's Renovtations

-Ed Sherman, Chicago Tribune writer and Scorecard host, will speak about his recently released book, Babe Ruth's Called Shot in a segment on Great Baseball Moments in Park History

-Stuart Shea, author of the recently published Wrigley Field: The Long Life and Contentious Times of the Friendly Confines, and Gary Gillette, former SABR board member and co-author of Big League Ballparks:The Complete Illustrated History, will appear on a panel discussing the Future of Wrigley Field

Please note that many of the authors named above will have books available for purchase.

In addition to the formal program, Dave Zeman will provide us with a trivia quiz to test our knowledge of happenings at the park.

A $10 fee will be charged to defray the cost of the room and appetizers, The event is open to the public.