August 11th, 2007

Meeting at Elfstrom Stadium, (Kane County Cougars)

The meeting started a 3pm, Rich Hanson started the meeting

David Malamut then started with an introduction of what was to happend in the presentations, and at the game.

History of the Kane County Cougars

Bob Yahr then started in on the history of the Midwest League and the first two years of the Cougars (91-92)

Pam Rasmussen presented the history of the Cougars the Marlins years (93-02)

Kathy Baumann presented the history of the Cougars the Oakland years (03-07)

Cougars radio announcer Jeff Hem, Cougars manager Aaron Nieckula and Cougars Assistant General Manager Jeff Ney then spoke to the group from the Cougars prospective

Cougar bus driver Richard Gertiksen then spoke about his travels driving the team around the midwest for the last elevn years.

The weekley weekend autograph session on the field that the Cougars have was next for the group then the ball game.

This game was significant because it set a record in attendendence for the league for one game, with 14,492 fans packed into Elfstrom stadium. The record broke the record that the Cougars set four years ago.

At the meeting there were 15-20 people, during the game there were 45-50 people.