December 1st, 2012

SABR Meeting

Eisenhower Public Library, Harwood Heights, IL
Attendence 23

The meeting started out with chapter chair Rich Hansen giving his opening comments, then welcoming two first time meeting attendees. He talked about the National convention in Minneapolis. Several members told their memories of going to the convention, plus there was discussion about next year convention in Philadelphia.

David Malamut told the crowd about the next two meetings, followed by Richard Smiley reading research requests. Paul Dickson was mentioned as being giving an award from the Pitch and Hit club later in the month.

Other topics thrown out there was a Dead ball World Series book, Greatest Games of the 19th century book. Pre intergration Hall of Fame balloting going on today. Plus the Pictorial committee had 4500 early 19th and 20th century photos donated to it.

Steve Steinberg was the first guest speaker of the day. Steve wrote the Seymour Medal winning book, 1921 along with Lyle Spats. He spoke to us about the 1916 New York Giants season, and why John McGraw quit on the team in the last week of the season. He mentioned the circumstances around the week, and the events after the week.

Harry Pavlidis, founder of Pitch Info LLc, looked into the Pitch F/X data. How it was done, how the cameras were set up. How the information was used and what kinds of information could be grabbed from the data. Plus where the technology was going to go from there.

Bob Tholkes of the Halsey Hall SABR Chapter was next. He spoke about the correspondence in the New York Sunday Mercury about the rules of baseball from 1859-1860. Reading through several reader questions and answers from the editor of the paper, William Cauldwell. Plus discussing how diffrent the rules were then compared to now.

Bruce Allardice took a look at baseball in the civil war time period. Showing illustrations and pictures from around the time period. Abraham Lincoln's involvement in the sport. Plus the origins of baseball. How the game was played during the time not fighting in the war.

Next Meeting
January 26th, 2013