Chicago (Emil Rothe) SABR Chapter Meeting Boxscore

Date: Saturday February 13, 2010
Number of Attendees: 31

Location: Eisenhower Public Library, 4613 N. Oketo Ave., Harwood Heights, IL


* David Malamut led off the meeting with an interview of current Kane County Cougar and Chicago-area native Dusty Napoleon about his career to date and future plans. Afterwards, Dusty answered many questions from the audience about his hitting philosophy, the quality of baseball in the Big Ten, the importance of footwork for a catcher, the quality of Midwest League umpiring, the Oakland A’s organizational development philosophy, and his opinions on the steroids issue. Transcript

* Next in the order, Roger Snell, author of Root for the Cubs: Charlie Root and the 1929 Chicago Cubs discussed his book a little and dove into his research on Babe Ruth’s “called shot” home run in the 1932 World Series off of Cubs pitcher Charlie Root. While Ruth was clearly gesturing before the pitch in question, supporting evidence suggests it was highly unlikely that he was pointing at the center field spot where the home run was hit. Roger focused on how the “called shot” story got started, on how it got embellished, and on how it subsequently caused Root and his family pain. He also shared photos from Root’s daughter, Della Root Arnold, who he had met while researching his book.

* After a pizza break, Milwaukee SABR Chapter member Dennis Pajot continued the rally with a presentation on Abner Dalrymple of the famed Chicago White Stockings. He focused on the fielding mishap that Abner made at a key point in the deciding Game Six of the 1886 World’s Championship Series against the St. Louis Browns, and how years after the fact he unfairly became a scapegoat for the White Stocking defeat.

* And in the clean-up position, Doak Ewing of Rare Sportsfilms, Inc. screened two films he recently acquired on 1930’s baseball. Specifically, Doak showed the auto industry sponsored American League highlight reels for 1935 and 1937. In addition to pitching, batting, and fielding tips and footage from stars such as Ted Lyons, Rogers Hornsby, Hank Greenberg, Jimmy Foxx, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, and Lefty Gomez, the films included highlights from the 1935 Cubs-Tigers World Series and the 1937 Giants-Yankees World Series.

A big thanks go out to Mark Braun of the Old Timers’ Baseball Association of Chicago, who, in addition to securing the wonderful meeting space for us, provided free pizza for all meeting attendees!

Minutes prepared by Richard A. Smiley on February 18, 2010