LAST MEETING: Saturday, January 10th, 2009

Amber Buchanan of the Chicago Baseball Museum screened the organization’s recently completed documentary “Buck O'Neil and Black Baseball in Chicago”. Written and produced by John Owens, the film offers a unique look at the early days of local minority baseball, much of it through the eyes of O'Neil, the one-time Negro League legend.

Jim Walker discussed his book “Center Field Shot: A History of Baseball on Television”. Co-authored with Robert Bellamy, the book traces the history of baseball telecasts from the earliest experimental efforts to the present day.

R.J. Lesch is the co-editor of an upcoming SABR BioProject book on the 1959 White Sox entitled “Go-Go to Glory”. The book will contain biographies of all of the players on the team in addition to background articles. R.J. discussed the efforts made to ensure that a quality product was produced while still getting the book out in time to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the pennant-winning team.