SABR Day Meeting with the Milwaukee and Chicago Chapters

January 26th, 2013

The Brat Stop, Kenosha, Wisconsin
44 people in attendence

The meeting started with Rich Schabowski, of the Milwaukee chapter giving us his opening remarks.

Carrie Muskrat, Chicago Cubs beat writer for and author of Banks to Sandberg to Grace, 5 decades of love and frustrations with the Chicago Cubs. She came on and talked about her book which was published in 2001. Seh is also a voter for the Hall of Fame and gave us her ballot, and gave a compelling review of why she voted for Bonds and Clemens. After that it was question and answer time.

Lou Olsen of the Brewers blog, Reviewing the Brew and of Fanssided was next. He would talk about the Brewers present and future. Giving us his thoughts on the Hall of Fame. Taking questions about what will happen in 2013 with the Milwaukee Brewers. He ended with some of his, John Axeford's mustache facts.

The research presentations were next from our friends up north. First up was Bob Bunge talking about a Racine, Wisconsin southpaw who pitch in the deadball error. Giving us details about Eddie Killian

Dennis Degenhardt was our last presenter, he gave a great presentation about how the Chicago White Sox played first and exhibition game in the mid 60's, then played 9 games in the late 60's in Milwaukee. Plus how this effected the White Sox total attendence in those years.

After all of that was announcements. The Chicago chapter is having their next meeting on April 20th, at Northwestern University. They are seeing the Michigan Wolverines face the Northwestern Wildcats at 1pm.

The Milwaukee chapter is planning a meeting in early May. Plus going to have a weekend get away to LaCrosse, Wisconsin in early June along with hopefully a few other chapters. Lots of reseatch presentations and a LaCrosse Loggers game.