SABR Day 2015

SABR Day 2015
Brat Stop in Kenosha
11 am

Combined meeting with the Milwaukee Chapter

Matt Mitchell's report from the meeting

Ozzie Guillen Jr.
Mauricio Rubio Jr. (Baseball Prospectus)
Merle Branner

Plus a silent auction of signed books, to benefit the Chicago Chapter

We had 48 members attend and made $154 from the silent auction.

Part 1, Hello's and start of Ozzie Guillen Jr.
Part 2, Ozzie Guillen Jr.
Part 3, Ozzie Guillen Jr., part 2
Part 4, Ozzie Guillen Jr., part 3
Part 5, Ozzie Guillen Jr., part 4
Part 6, Mauricio Rubio Jr., part 1
Part 7, Merle Branner, Part 1
Part 8, Merle Branner, part 2
Part 9, Merle Branner, part 3
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
Part 13
Part 14