My Schedule

3/19/11 Roosevelt University at Judson University
4/13/11 Quad City at Kane County
4/23/11 Clinton at Kane County
4/30/11 Concordia University at Benedictine University
4/30/11 Augustana College at North Central College
5/1/11 Cedar Rapids at Kane County
5/6/11 Quad City at Kane County
5/14/11 Peoria at Kane County
5/20/11 Kane County at Beloit
5/21/11 Kane County at Beloit
5/22/11 Kane County at Beloit
5/27/11 Great Lakes at Fort Wayne
6/19/11 Clinton at Kane County
7/2/11 Beloit at Kane County
7/9/11 Burlington at Kane County
7/10/11 Burlington at Kane County
9/3/11 Clinton at Kane County
9/8/11 Burlington at Kane County, R1G1
9/10/11 Quad City at Kane County, R2G1
9/10/11 Jamestown Ironmen at Chicago Hitmen
1/14/12, Texas Stars at Milwaukee Admirals
1/19/12, Beloit Snappers winter banquet
1/28/12, SABR meeting, Brat Stop in Kenosha
2/11/12, Chicago Wolves at Rockford Icehogs, 7
2/12/12, Arizona Sun Dogs at Quad City Mallards
3/10/12, Sault Ste. Marie at Saginaw
3/17/12, Illinois Tech at Judson University, 1
3/24/12, Concordia University at Illinois Wesleyan, 1
3/24/12, Milwaukee Admirals at Peoria Rivermen, 7
3/25/12, Webster at Illinois State, 1
3/31/12, Milwaukee school of engeneering at Aurora University N
4/1/12, Mississippi Valley State at Illinois, N
4/7/12, Valporasio at University of Illinois Chicago, 1
4/8/12, Purdue and Northwestern, 1
4/9/12, Glenbard East vs Naperville Central
4/10/12, Illinois State vs Northern Illinois
4/14/12, Milikin at Wheaton, 1
4/15/12, North Central at Elmhurst, 1
4/21/12, Great Lakes at Peoria, 1
4/21/12, Lansing at Burlington, 6:30
4/22/12, Penn State at Iowa, N
5/5/12, Kane County at Beloit
5/26/12, Evansville at Joliet
6/2/12, West Michigan at Great Lakes
6/9/12, River City at Schaumburg (SABR), 6
6/16/12, West Michigan at South Bend
6/17/12, Cedar Rapids at Kane County
6/19/12, Midwest League All Star Game at Elfstrom Stadium, Geneva
6/23/12, Kane County at Clinton
6/24/12, Kane County at Clinton
6/26/12, Beloit at Kane County
6/30/12, Pittsburgh at St. Louis, 1
6/30/12, Normal at River City
7/1/12, Kane County at Peoria, 2
7/7/12, Clinton at Quad City, 7
7/8/12, Peoria at Cedar Rapids, 2
7/15/12, West Michigan at Kane County, 5
7/22/12, Chicago White Sox at Detroit Tigers
7/28/12, Schaumburg at Rockford, 6
7/29/12, DuPage Hounds at Rockford Foresters, 5
7/31/12, Kane County at Beloit
8/1/12, Kane County at Beloit
8/2/12, Kane County at Beloit
8/3/12, Kane County at Beloit
8/5/12, Cedar Rapids at Kane County, 1
8/10/12, Kane County at Clinton
8/11/12, Peoria at Beloit, 7
8/12/12, Peoria at Beloit
8/17/12, Clinton at Kane County
8/24/12, Fort Wayne at West Michigan, 7
9/1/12, Peoria at Kane County
9/2/12, Peoria at Kane County
9/8/12, Wisconsin at Clinton, R2G1
9/15/12, Wisconsin at Fort Wayne, R3G3
9/16/12, Wisconsin at Fort Wayne, R3G4
9/22/12, North Dakota State College of Science at College of DuPage (FB)
9/29/12, Elmhurst College at North Central (FB), 6
10/13/12, Rockford Ice Hogs at Chicago Wolves, (HCY) 7
10/14/12, Trek ride for Breast Cancer Awareness, Downers Grove
10/27/12, North Park University at Elmhurst College (FB)
11/3/12, Lake Erie at Rockford Ice Hogs (HCY)
11/10/12, Illinois Wesleyan at Elhurst College (FB)
11/11/12, Colorado at Michigan, ACHA D1W (HCY)
11/11/12, Illinois State at Northern Illinois, ACHA D2 (HCY)
11/11/12, Wisconsin at Robert Morris, ACHA D2 (HCY)

12/1/12, SABR Chicago meeting at Eisenhower Library, Harwood Heights, IL
12/15/12, Hamilton at Rockford (HCY), 7
1/18/13, Waterloo at Cedar Rapids (HCY), 7
1/19/13, Grand Rapids at Rockford (HCY), 7
1/26/13, SABR Day, Brat Stop, Kenosha
3/9/13, Purdue at Illinois-Chicago, 1
3/30/13, Illinois Wesleyan at Wheaton College (DH)
4/7/13, Quad City at Kane County
4/7/13, Wrestlemania Watch Party
4/12/13, Cedar Rapids at Clinton, 6:30
4/13/13, Peoria at Quad City G1
4/13/13, Peoria at Quad City G2
4/14/13, Burlington at Beloit
4/24/13, Great Lakes at South Bend, 7
4/25/13, Kane County at Fort Wayne
4/26/13, Connecticut at Notre Dame
4/28/13, Miami (OH) at Northern Illinois
5/18/13, Kane County Cougars, 5k run
5/25/13, Beloit at Kane County, 6:30
6/9/13, Tour de Cure, Aurora, IL
6/16/13, WWE, Payback PPV at Rosemont
7/7/13, Quad City at Kane County, 1
7/8/13, Wisconsin Rapids at Battle Creek, 7
7/11/13, Clinton at West Michigan, 7
7/14/13, Fort Wayne at Beloit
7/27/13, Southland at DuPage
8/11/13, Cedar Rapids at Kane County
8/18/13, Clinton at Kane County
9/1/13, Peoria at Kane County, 1
9/7/14, South Bend at Fort Wayne
9/8/14, Quad City at Beloit
9/14/13, South Bend at Quad City
12/21/13, Illinois at Aurora (HCY)
1/25/14, SABR Day at the Brat Stop in Kenosha
1/25/14, Milwaukee at Rockford (HCK), 7
4/26/14, Wisconsin at Kane County,
4/27/14, Wisconsin at Kane County
5/3/14, Carthage at North Central
5/3/14, Burlington at Kane County
5/4/14, Burlington at Kane County
5/11/14, Beloit at Quad City
5/17/14, Quad City at Kane County
5/18/14, Quad City at Kane County
5/24/14, Clinton at Kane County
5/25/14, Peoria at Kane County
5/31/14, West Michigan at Fort Wayne
6/1/14, Bowling Green at South Bend
6/8/14, Tour de Cure, Aurora, IL
6/15/14, Kane County at Beloit
6/19/14, Cedar Rapids at Kane County, 6:30
6/20/14, Peoria at Quad City, DH
6/22/14, Battle Creek at Kenosha
6/29/14, Kane County at Beloit
7/19/14, Lake County at Quad City
7/20/14, Lake County at Quad City
7/21/14, Lake County at Quad City
7/23/14, Great Lakes at Burlington
7/24/14, Great Lakes at Burlington
7/25/14, Great Lakes at Burlington
7/26/14, Lansing at Burlington
7/27/14, Lansing at Burlington
7/27/14, Great Lakes at Peoria
8/2/14, Quad City at Kane County
8/3/14, Quad City at Kane County
8/9/14, Southern Illinois at Joliet
8/10/14, Rockford at Schaumburg
8/21/14, Clinton at Kane County
8/30/14, Peoria at Kane County
8/31/14, Peoria at Kane County
9/4/14, Wisconsin at Kane County, R1G2
9/6/14, Kane County at Cedar Rapids, R2G1
9/7/14, Cedar Rapids at Kane County, R2G2
9/10/14, Lake County at Kane County R3G1
9/11/14, Lake County at Kane County R3G2
9/20/14, Wisconsin-Eau Claire vs Wheaton College, Football
9/20/14, Wisconsin-Platteville vs North Central, Football
9/21/14, Alverno College at Aurora University, Women's Soccer
9/23/14, Dominican University at Benedictine University, Men's Soccer
9/27/14, Lake Forest College at Beloit College, Football
9/28/14, Olivet College at Elmhurst College, Men's Soccer
11/15/14, North Central at Elmhurst College, Football
2/14/15, North Central at Elmhurst College, Basketball
2/21/15, Augustana at Wheaton, Basketball
3/7/15, Hope College at Wisconsin Lutheran, WBBK
3/14/15, Southern Illinois at U of Illinois
3/15/15, Valaparsio at Illinois-Chicago
3/28/15, Augustana at North Central
4/1/15, Chicago at Benedictine
4/4/15, Illinois Wesleyan at North Central
4/7/15, Augustana at Elmhurst, baseball
4/11/15, Cedar Rapids at Kane County
4/11/15, North Central at Wheaton, baseball, G2
4/12/15, Augsburg at Benedictine, womens lacrosse
4/12/15, Aurora at Benedictine, baseball G1
4/12/15, Aurora at Benedictine, baseball, G2
4/16/15, Clinton at Kane County
4/18/15, Wisconsin Lutheran at Aurora G1
4/18/15, Wisconsin Lutheran at Aurora G2
4/22/15, North Park at Benedictine
4/26/15, North Park at North Central, G1
4/26/15, Augustana at North Central, Softball, G2
4/26/15, North Park at North Central, G2
4/27/15, Marian at Benedictine, G2
4/29/15, Wheaton at Benedictine, baseball
4/29/15, Concordia-Wisconsin at Benedictine, m lacrosse
5/2/15, Beloit at Kane County
5/3/15, Beloit at Kane County
5/9/15, Illinois Wesleyan at North Central, baseball, CCIW tournament
5/9/15, Illinis Wesleyan at Carthage, baseball, CCIW tournament
5/10/15, Illinois Wesleyan at Carthage, baseball, CCIW tournament
5/13/15, Greeneville at Wisconsin Stevens Point, NCAA Regional, Waterloo, IA
5/13/15, Carthage at Webster, NCAA Regional, Waterloo, IA
5/13/15, Anderson at Wartburg, NCAA Regional, Waterloo, IA
5/14/15, Peoria at Cedar Rapids
5/15/15, Greeneville at Carthage, NCAA Regional, Waterloo, IA
5/15/15, Wisconsin Stevens Point at Wartburg, NCAA Regional, Waterloo, IA
5/15/15, webster at Anderson, NCAA Regional, Waterloo, IA
5/16/15, Wisconsin-Stevens Point at Anderson, NCAA Regional, Waterloo, IA
5/16/15, Wartburg at Carthage, NCAA Regional, waterloo, IA
5/16/15, Webster at Wisconsin-Stevens Point, NCAA Regional, Waterloo, IA
5/17/15, Carthage at webster, NCAA Regional Final, Waterloo, IA
5/18/15, Tulsa at Springfield
5/19/15, Kansas City at Joplin
5/23/15, Wisconsin at Kane County
6/6/15, Dayton at Kane County
6/18/15, Peoria at Beloit
6/19/15, Cedar Rapids at Clinton
9/5/15, Case Western Reserve at U of Chicago, FB
9/5/15, Peoria at Kane County
9/6/15, Adrian College at Dubuque, Aurora, W Socc
9/6/15, Wisconsin-Platteville at Aurora, W socc
9/6/15, Peoria at Kane County
9/12/15, Trine at North Central, FB
9/12/15, Carroll at Benedictine, FB
9/13/15, Muskingum at Noth Park, W soccer
9/13/15, Coe at Illinois Tech, W Soccer
9/13/15, St. Norbert at Illinois Tech, M soccer
9/19/15, Simpson at Illinois Wesleyan, Fb
9/19/15, Rose-Hulman at Wheaton, M soc
9/20/15, Blackburn at Illinois Tech, m socc
9/20/15, Christopher Newport at Chicago, w soccer
9/23/15, Wheaton at Aurora, W soccer
9/23/15, Benedictine at Wheaton, M soccer
9/25/15, Marian at Aurora, M soccer
9/25/15, Chicago at Wheaton, M soccer
9/26/15, Centre at Chicago, Football
9/26/15, Edgewood at Benedictine, Womens soccer
9/27/15, Marian at Aurora, W soccer
9/29/15, Greeneville at Wheaton, M soccer
9/30/15, Lake Forest at North Central, M soccer
10/2/15, Wheaton Invitational, Women's Volleyball, St. Mary's, North Central, Dubuque, Wheaton, UW-Eau Claire, UW-Stevens Point
10/30/15, Wisconsin-Stevens Point at Aurora, Hockey
10/31/15, North Central at Illinois Wesleyan, Football
12/4/15, Concordia-Wisconsin at Aurora, Hockey
12/12/15, Alma at Wheaton, Men's Basketball
12/15/15, Albion at North Central, Men's Basketball
12/19/15, Rockford at Aurora, Women's basketball
1/6/16, Illinois Weslyan at Wheaton, Women's Basketball
1/8/16, Adrian at Aurora, Hockey
1/9/16, Milwaukee Engenering at Aurora, Men's Basketball
1/9/16, Milwaukee Engenering at Aurora, Women's Basketball
1/22/16, Northland at Aurora, Hockey
1/23/16, Carthage at Wheaton, Women's Basketball
1/23/16, Carthage at Wheaton, Men's basketball
4/24/16, Milwaukee School of Engineering at Aurora, Baseball, DH