October 27th, 2008
Chicago, Illinios
311 South Wacker Drive

17 people attended
3 New Members

Our leader, Rich Hanson opended things up with a greating and discussed the agenda of the meeting.

The Chicago White Sox book of biographies of the 1959 season is coming along, and is hoped to be released by opening day 2009

The Jerry Malloy Negro League Conference will be held the last weekend in July in Willowbrook.

The Way out in Left Field Society, is working on putting a marker were old Chicago fields were, they are having a bowling outing to raise money next Sunday.


Jonathan Eig spoke about his new book about Jackie Robinson 1947 season.

Gary Crawford spoke about helping out Negro League players out and promoting the Negro Leagues. His website is at http://www.negroleaguelegends.org

Richard Smiley then spoke about Why the White Stockings left West Side Grounds

Other Things

The Halsey Hall Chapter is seeking help with Chicago related info on Jon Donaldson of the Chicago City League from 1935-1938. If you could help please contacr Richard Smiley

Also mentioned was remembering Marge Daniels, and the St. Louis convention