Tied Games

7/22/16, Peoria at West Michigan, 9-9, 15 inn
6/15/15, Great Lakes at Quad City 3-3 6 inn
5/2/13, Lake County 2, Peoria 2, 7 inning
6/15/08, Burlington 3, Peoria 3, 6 innings
6/6/03, Fort Wayne at Wisconsin, 1-1, 6 innings
4/30/03, Quad City at Beloit, 4-4, 11 inn
5/26/01, West Michigan at Clinton, 2-2, 10 inn
1992, 1st half, South Bend/Kenosha
1991, 2nd half, Kane County/Kenosha
1981, 1st half, Wausau/Wisconsin Rapids
1979, 2nd Half, Wausau/Wisconsin Rapids
1979, 1st Half, Appleton at Quad City
1978, 1st half, Waterloo/Wisconsin Rapids/Quad City/Clinton, (2 games)
1977, 1st Half, Wausau at Burlington
5/28/75, Clinton at Waterloo, 1-1, 6 innings, Rain
7/26/69, Quincy at Cedar Rapids, 4-4, 8 innings, Rain
5/13/68, Clinton at Waterloo, 5-5 12 1/2 innings, Rain
1968, 1st Half, Clinton at Burlington
1968, 2nd half, Quincy at Wisconsin Rapids
1967, 1st half, Decatur at Waterloo
6/8/1966, Clinton at Waterloo, 2-2 16 innings, Rain
1966, 1st Half, Wisconsin Rapids at Quincy
1966, 2nd half, Burlington at Fox City
1965, 1st half, Fox City vs Quincy
1965, 1st half, Waterloo at Fox City
8/261965, 2nd half, Decatur at Cedar Rapids, 3-3 called after 6 innings, rain, Decatur had scored in the seventh but the game reverted to the last completed inning.
1963, 1st half, Dubuque at Wisconsin Rapids
1962, 2nd half (3), Burlington (2), Appleton, Clinton, Dubuque and Decatur were involved
1961, 1st half, (3), Waterloo (2), Dubuque, Decatur, Kokomo and Keokuk were involved
5/18/1959, Michigan City at Keokuk, 1-1 6 innings, Rain
7/2/1959, Paris at Clinton, 2-2, 2nd game of double header, league curfew rule.
1958, 1st half (2), Dubuque, Paris, Keokuk and Decatur were involved.
1957, 2nd half, Michigan City at Decatur
1957, 2nd half, Mattoon at Michigan City
1956, 1st half, Lafayette at Decatur
1956, 2nd half, Paris at Michigan City
1955, Kokomo at Hannibal
1953, Danville at Paris
1951, 1st half, (2), Paris, Mt. Vernon, Danville and Mattoon were involved.
1949, Mattoon at West Frankfort, 4-4 8 innings, Rain
8/26/1947, Belleville at Centralia, 2-2 17 innings, darkness

Forfeited Game
6/2/1966, Cedar Rapids d Clinton, Clinton's manager, Frank Oceak was ejected in the eighth after protesting the ejection of one of his players, but refused to leave the field. This caused a 41 minute delay which resulted in Clinton forfeit. Clinton GM Fritz Colschen immediately appealed to the umpires and CR manager Ron Plaza " on behalf of the fans" so the game was actually played to conclusion, With Clinton the apparent victors by a 3-2 score. Cedar Rapids protested that result, and MWL President Jim Doster gave the game back to the Cards on June 11.

7/31/1966, Waterloo d Burlington, Burlington incorrectly thought it would be a night game and didn't arrive in time to play.
6/14/1961, Keokuk at Waterloo, Waterloo refused to send a batter to the plate when umpire Howard Miller ejected batter Jim Busby and manager Matt Sczesny for protesting a call in the second inning.
5/24/1959, Decatur d Waterloo, Waterloo used 18 players in a 16 inning game, on day after the leagues roster limit had been reduced to 17.
7/8/1958, Waterloo d Dubuque, Dubuque manager Frank Parenti refused to replaced catcher Jim Napier who'd been ejected from the game, because he did not have a second catcher on the roster. Waterloo had an 8-3 lead when the ejection occurred.
6/25/1953, Hannibal at Mt. Vernon
1952, Canton d Decatur, Decatur manager Julian Acosta failed to stop his pitcher from talking to fans during warmups, then pushed umpire Harold Hoelscher who fell. Score was 3-3 in the 7th at the time of the ejections. Acosta briefly suspended by league Presiden Dutch Hoffman as a result.