Midwest League All Star Games

1947-1948 The Illinois State league played all star games in both of it's seasons. In both cases the team leading the league at mid-season played a team selected from the other teams.
The ISL's successor Mississippi-Ohio Valley league continued the tradition for most of it's seasons. There was, however little year to year format consistancy. 1949 had two games, in different formats, about a month apart. In 1950 and 1951, two all star games were played on consecutive nights in different ballyards. The 1952 contest was cancelled about a week before the scheduled game date.
1954-1963, no games
1964, The first Midwest League all star game was played, and pitted teams created by arbitrarily diving the league geographically.
1965-no game Begining in 1966 the games returned, with a new format. The Midwest League team with the most wins in the first half of the season hosted the best players on the other teams. Predictably, the All Stars usually won these contests. This format lasted 8 seasons.
There was a new format in 1974. Our best players faced a Triple A team. All of these games were played in Iowa ballyards. our guys were surprisingly succesfull against older players.
Since 1979 the league has played a divisional contest. From 1982 to 1987, and again from 1995 to 1999, the Central division was split to make two equal geographic divisions. From 2000 to 2009 the Eastern team included members from an arbitrarily selected West Division team.

Year Date Win Loss Location Star of Stars Attendence
2013 6/18/2013 East 6 West 5 Dayton Devon Travis, West Michigan 8.746
2012 6/19/2012 East 18 West 2 Kane County O'Koyea Dickson, Great Lakes 7,528
2011 6/21/2011 West 8 East 3 Quad City Nino Leyja, Burlington 5,474
2010 6/22/10 Fort Wayne
2009 6/23/2009 East 6 West 3 Clinton Sawyer Carroll, Fort Wayne 2,561
2008 6/17/2008 West 5 East 4 Midland Tim Smith, Clinton 5,814 10
2007 6/19/2007 East 8 West 2 Kane County Deik Scram, West Michigan 8.698
2006 6/20/2006 East 7 West 1 Quad City Jay Bruce, Dayton 4,638
2005 6/22/2005 East 4 West 2 Peoria Jereme Milons, South Bend 5,707
2004 West 6 East 3 Cedar Rapids Mitch Maier, Burlington
1985 7/8/85 South 4 North 2 Cedar Rapids 1,259 11