Kane County Cougars at Burlington Bees

April 4th, 2002

Anthony Brewer CF 5 0 0 0
William Arroyo 2B 4 0 0 0
Scott Hicks LF 4 2 2 0
Jason Stokes 1B 3 1 1 1
Winton Zapey C 4 0 0 0
Charlie Frazier RF 4 2 2 1
Michael Tucker 3B 3 1 1 3
Kris Clute DH 3 0 0 0
Rex Rundgren SS 3 0 0 0
James Shanks CF 5 0 1 0
Brett Groves SS 5 0 1 2
Chris Fallon 1B 4 0 1 0
Galinda Gomez 3B 4 1 1 1
J.D. Alleva DH 3 0 1 0
Ruben Gotay 2B 3 0 0 0
John Draper C 4 1 0 0
Jonathan Guzman RF 2 3 1 0
Victor Rosario LF 2 0 0 0

Kane County 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 1 1 6 6 4
Burlington 0 0 0 0 2 1 1 0 1 5 6 2

E-Zapey, Frazier, Rundgren, Cave, Groves, Armitage, LOB KC-6, BUR-7, 2B-Stokes, HR-Tucker (Douglass), Gomez (Ungs), CS-Arroyo, Groves, HBP-Alleva, SACB-Tucker, Rosario 2

Name IP H R ER BB SO Decison
Jeff Fulchino 5 2 2 0 2 10 ND 74p 54s
Nick Ungs 2 3 2 2 1 2 W (1-0) 28p 17s
Elvis DeJesus 1 0 0 0 0 1 ND 7p 6s
Kevin Cave 1 1 1 0 1 1 SV (1) 22p 11s

Name IP H R ER BB SO Decison
Michael Stodolka 5.2 0 0 0 2 8 ND 76p 46s
Ryan Douglass 1.1 3 4 4 1 3 ND 39p 24s
Paul Sanchez 1 2 1 1 1 1 L (0-1) 22p 13s
Barry Armitage 1 1 1 0 1 2 ND 22p 12s

HB-Ungs, BK-Ungs, PB-Draper, SO-Brewer 4, Arroyo 2, Stokes, Zapey, Frazier, Clute 2, Rundgren 3, Shanks, Groves 3, Fallon 2, Gomez 3, Gotay 2, Draper, Guzman, Rosario, BB-Arroyo, Hicks, Stokes, Clute, Rundgren, Fallon, Gotay, Guzman
T-2:56, A-502

Voice of A Season Ticket Holder
by David Malamut
Cougars Pitcher Jeff Fulchino started out the 2002 season with a bang. He pitched five good inning, and was dominant in his outing. Jeff gave up two runs, neither of those runs were earned. Since the deffense had it's moments of keystone cops. He walked two and struck out 10. Fulchino struck out four of the first six outs. Then in the third inning he struck out the side. Fulchino lead off the fourth, and closed the fourth with strikeouts. The one to close the inning would be his last of the night. His final inning the deffense started to give way, Two errors in the inning, alowed both of the runs to score.

Fulchino threw 74 pitches, 54 of them were for strikes. He went to three ball counts on only three of the 20 hitters he faced. Fulchino is in his second professional season, his first full season. Last year at Utica he went 3-8 with a 3.56 era. He spent the majority of the year last year finishing up his college season at the University of Conneticut. This is the first time as a pro that he has struck out more than five in a start.

Mike Stodolka started for the Bees, and the way this game was going I thought it was going to be a 1-0 game. The first hit wasn't untill the fourth inning off of Fulchino. Stodolka did not give up a hit in his sixth innings of work. Just like Fulchino, Stodolka threw good. He walked two and struck out eight. Stodolka threw 76 pitches, 46 were strikes. He struck out two in an inning in the fifth and the sixth innings, and three in the first.

Scott Hicks had two singles in four at-bats. He also scored two runs, and had a walk. Charles Frazier added two hits, both singles. He drove home one run and scored two.

The scoring leadoff with the Bees in the fifth inning when, John Draper lead off the inning by reaching on an error by shortstop Rex Rundgren. On the play Rex threw the ball two far in the dirt in front of Stokes at first base. Jonathan Guzman then bunted him to second. The only problem was that he beat the throw to first for a hit. Victor Rosario then put down a good sacrifice bunt to get the runners to second and third with only one out. James Shanks blooped one to right, the rightfielder Charles Frazier, I guess misjudged the ball in the lights or something. It hit off of his glove and droped for an error. On the play Draper would score and everyone else would move up a base. Brett Groves then hit into a fielder's choice at second. On the play Guzman would score to make the score 2-0 Bees.

In the sixth inning the Bees would send Galindo Gomez to the plate with one out, and he hit a liner over the billboards in left center to put the Bees up by three.

The Cougars did get some offense going, but it wasn't untill the second half of the game. In the seventh inning, Scott Hicks singled to center. Jason Stokes then walked. Reliever Ryan Douglass then threw a wild pitch that went between the catchers legs and hit against the back stop. Winton Zapay then lined out to leftfield. Charles Frazier singled to right to score Hicks. Michael Tucker then took Douglass deep over all of the billboards to left field for a three run homer. Douglass then came back and struck the next two Cougars out.

The Bees would counter the Cougars big inning by scoring one more run of their own. Guzman lead off the inning with a walk. Rosario sacrificed him over. Shanks then poped up to second. Groves drove home Guzman with a single to right.

Scott Hicks then in the eighth inning would help the Cougars put a run on the board when he singled to right. Jason Stokes then doubled to right to bring home Hicks to give the Cougars the lead.

In the ninth inning the Cougars would score some more runs when, Frazier lead off the inning with a single to center. Michael Tucker then tried to bunt him over, the pitcher got the ball but three it down the line. Kris Clute then walked. Rex Rundgren and Anthony Brewer both struck out. William Arroyo grounded one to short, for what looked like a sure out, the ball I guess ate him up and he booted it. On the play Frazier would score.

The Bees made the game interesting in the bottom of the ninth when Guzman lead of the inning with a walk. Rosario then got him to second on his groundout to short. Shanks then bunted back to the pitcher, Cave. Cave threw the ball into rightfield. With Groves up to bat, and the next pitch after Cougars pitching coach Gil Lopez came to the mound. Cave threw to first, the ball went up the line and Shanks moved on to third. Groves struck out. Chris Fallon then poped out to short to end the game. The pop up to short was made to be an adventure.

Play By Play
Cougars 1st
Anthony Brewer, strikes out
William Arroyo, strikes out
Scott Hicks, walks
Jason Stokes, strikes out
Bees-Stodolka 19 pitches, 11 strikes
Cougars 0, Bees 0

Bees 1st
James Shanks, grounds out second baseman Arroyo to first baseman Stokes
Brett Groves, strikes out
Chris Fallon, strikes out
Cougars-Fulchino, 12 pitches, 8 strikes
Cougars 0, Bees 0

Cougars 2nd
Winton Zapey, grounds out, second baseman Gotay to first baseman Fallon
Charlie Frazier, flies out to centerfielder Shanks
Michael Tucker, lined out to right fielder Guzman
Bees-Stodolka, 10 pitches 7 strikes, total 29 pitches 18 strikes
Cougars 0, Bees 0

Bees 2nd
Galindo Gomez, strikes out
J.D. Alleva, grounds out third baseman Tucker to first baseman Stokes
Ruben Gotay, walks
John Draper, strikes out
Cougars-Fulchino, 14 pitches, 10 strikes, total 26 pitches, 18 strikes
Cougars 0, Bees 0

Cougars 3rd
Kris Clute, grounds out second baseman Gotay to first baseman Fallon
Rex Rundgren, strikes out
Anthony Brewer, grounds out to third baseman Gomez to first baseman Fallon
Bees-Stodolka, 12 pitches, 9 strikes, total 41 pitches, 27 strikes
Cougars 0, Bees 0

Bees 3rd
Jonathan Guzman, strikes out
Victor Rosario, strikes out
James Shanks, strikes out
Cougars-Fulchino 12 pitches, 9 strikes, total 38 pitches, 27 strikes
Cougars 0, Bees 0

Cougars 4th
William Arroyo, flies out to centerfielder Shanks
Scott Hicks, lined out to leftfielder Rosario
Jason Stokes, grounds out to pitcher Stodolka, unassisted
Bees-Stodolka 11 pitches, 6 strikes, total 52 pitches, 33 pitches
Cougars 0, Bees 0

Bees 4th
Brett Groves, strikes out
Chris Fallon, walks
Galinda Gomez, strikes outJ.D. Alleva, singles to left, Fallon to second
Ruben Gotay, strikes out
Cougars-Fulchino, 25 pitches, 16 strikes, total 63 pitches, 43 strikes
Cougars 0, Bees 0

Cougars 5th
Winton Zapey, strikes out
Charlie Frazier, strikes out
Michael Tucker, grounds out, pitcher Stodolka to first baseman Fallon
Bees-Stodolka, 11 pitches, 7 strikes, total, 63 pitches, 40 strikes
Cougars 0, Bees 0

Bees 5th
John Draper, reaches on error by shortstop Rundgren
Jonathan Guzman, reaches on bunt single to first, Draper to second.
Victor Rosario, sacrifice bunt, catcher Zapey to first baseman Stokes, Draper to third and Guzman to second.
James Shanks, reaches on error by rightfielder Frazier, Draper scores, Guzman to third
Brett Groves, reaches on a fielder's choice, Guzman scores, Shanks out at second, third baseman Tucker to second baseman Arroyo
-Groves, caught stealing second, catcher Zapey to short stop Rundgren
Cougars-Fulchino 11 pitches, 11 strikes, total74 pitches, 54 strike
Cougars 0, Bees 2

Cougars 6th
Kris Clute, strikes out
Rex Rundgren, walks
Anthony Brewer, strikes out
Pitching Change:Ryan Douglass replaces Michael Stodolka
William Arroyo, strikes outBees-Stodolka, 19 pitches, 6 strikes, total 76 pitches, 46 strikes
Bees-Douglass, 4 pitches, 3 strikes
Cougars 0, Bees 2

Bees 6th
Pitching Change:Nick Ungs replaces Jeff Fulchino
Chris Fallon, strikes out
Galinda Gomez, home run to left field
J.D. Alleva, walks
-Ungs balks, Alleva to second
Ruben Gotay, lined out to left fielder Hicks
John Draper, pops up foul to first baseman Stokes
Cougars-Ungs, 16 pitches 10 strikes
Cougars 0, Bees 3

Cougars 7th
Scott Hicks, singles to center.
Jason Stokes, walks
Winton Zapey, lines out to leftfielder Rosario
-Hicks moves to third and Stokes to second on a passed ball
Charlie Frazier singles to right, Hicks scores, Stokes to third.
Michael Tucker, three run homer to left center field, Stokes and Frazier score
Kris Clute, strikes out
Rex Rundgren, strikes out
Bees-Douglass, 35 pitches, 21 strikes, total 39 pitches, 24 strikes
Cougars 4, Bees 3

Bees 7th
Jonathan Guzman, hit by pitch
Victor Rosario, sacrifice bunt, catcher Zapey to first baseman Stokes, Guzman to second
James Shanks, pops out to second baseman Arroyo
Brett Groves, singles to right, Guzman scores.
Chris Fallon, singles to right, Groves to second
Galinda Gomez, strikes out
Cougars-Ungs, 12 pitches, 7 strikes, total 28 pitches 17 strikes
Cougars 4, Bees 4

Cougars 8th
Pitching Change:Paul Sanchez replaces Ryan Douglass
Anthony Brewer, strikes out
William Arroyo, walks
-Arroyo, caught stealing second, catcher Draper to short stop Groves
Scott Hicks, singles to right
Jason Stokes, doubles to right, Hicks scores
Winton Zapey, lines out to centerfielder Shanks
Bees-Sanchez, 22 pitches, 13 strikes
cougars 5, Bees 4

Bees 8th
Pitching Change:Elvis DeJesus replaces Nick Ungs
J.D. Alleva, grounds out to first, unassisted
Ruebn Gotay, strikes out
John Draper, flies out to centerfield Brewer
Cougars-DeJesus, 7 pitches 6 strikes
Cougars 5, Bees 4

Cougars 9th
Pitching Change:Barry Armitage replaces Paul Sanchez
Charlie Frazier singles to center
Michael Tucker, sacrifice bunt back to the pitcher Armitage, Tucker reaches on throwing error by Armitage, Frazier to second
Kris Clute, walks to load the bases
Rex Rundgren, strikes out
Anthony Brewer, strikes out
William Arroyo, reaches on error by short stop Groves, Frazier scores, Tucker to third, Clute to second and Arroyo reaches, bases loaded
Scott Hicks, lines out to leftfielder Rosario
Bees-Armitage, 22 pitches, 12 strikes
Cougars 6, Bees 4

Bees 9th
Pitching Change:Kevin Cave replaces Elvis DeJesus
Jonathan Guzman, walks
Victor Rosario, grounds out shortstop Groves to first baseman Stokes, Guzman to second
James Shanks, singles on bunt back towards mound, catcher Zapey throws ball into right field, Guzman scores
-Shanks moves to third on error by pitcher Cave on pick off attemp at first
Brett Groves, strikes out
Chris Fallon pops out to short stop Rundgren
Cougars-Cave 22 pitches 11 strikes
Cougars 6, Bees 5

Steve Phillips (MG) 23
Paul Sanagorski (HC), 11
Gil Lopez (PC), 13

Phil Akens, 28
Jon Asahina, 16
Tyler Banks, 17
Allen Baxter, 31
Kevin Cave, 24
Elvis DeJesus, 99
Lou Evans22
Jeff Fulchino, 37
Tim Schilling, 15
Frailyn Tejeda, 4
Nick Ungs, 39
Dontrelle Willis, 10

George Arnott, 7
Guy Lynam, 3
Winton Zapey, 20

William Arroyo, 9
Kris Clute, 6
Juan Carlos Garcia, 18
Rex Rundgren, 26
Jason Stokes, 27
Michael Tucker, 5
Hunter Wyant, 8

Anthony Brewer, 25
Charlie Frazier, 21
Scott Hicks, 29

Joe Szekely (MG), 31
Jose Bautista (PC), 41
Patrick Anderson (HC), 14

Peter Armitage, 45
Brian Bass, 23
Ryan Douglass, 32
Kahi Kaanoi, 18
Kyle Middleton, 39
Hector Rosado, 30
Paul Sanchez, 22
Michael Stodolka, 33
Chris Tierney, 46
Wes Wilkerson, 48
Rick Zary, 40
Tom Zurita, 44

J.D. Alleva, 4
Tony Arnerich, 3
John Draper, 11

Matt Cleveland, 25
Chris Fallon, 24
Anibal Figuereo, 16
Galinda Gomez, 27
Ruben Gotay, 6
Brett Groves, 12

Odannys Ayala, 21
Jonathan Guzman, 15
Victor Rosario, 8
James Shanks, 9